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Tópico: PC Bluetooth Stack Programa Free para Sincronismo Bluetooth da Toshiba

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    PC Bluetooth Stack Programa Free para Sincronismo Bluetooth da Toshiba

    O PC Bluetooth Stack é o software de sincronismo de dispositivos bluetooth, exite o BlueSoleil, mais usado no mercado para quem tem descktop com um dongle bluetooth o famoso dispositivo para usb que tem de diversos tamanho e modelos, eu sempre usei o bluesoleil mais sua versão perna de pau com tapa olho ja que o mesmo é pago é um software que vale o seu preço mais até hoje era o software que usava pois descobri nas minhas andanças na grande rede por blogs e outros afins um software interessante e gratiz o que é melhor o PC Bluetooth Stack que foi desenvolvido pela toshiba onde o mesmo pode ser usado para sincronizar celulares, PDAs, Fones de ouvidos, e PCs.
    No meu caso uso muito o bluetooth para sincronizar com o meu celular e principalmente para usar o meu fone estéreo um Motorola S9, a instalação foi simples o mesmo ja reconhece na hora nem precisei reiniciar a maquina.
    O layout do mesmo é simples perto do usado pelo bluesoleil mais funciona perfeitamente!!!

    Alguemas infos direto do site
    Release Notes:
    TOSHIBA Bluetooth Stack 6.40.02(T)
    Check your current Bluetooth Stack version:
    "Bluetooth Settings -> Help -> About..."
    Changes of Bluetooth Stack 6.40.00(T) -> 6.40.02(T):
    - Device Center Extension feature is added for Windows 7. 
    - COM port check process updated.
    - Windows 7 upgrade from Vista is available.
    - Fixed a problem where the cat file of tosrfec.sys was not 
      signed in Windows XP from v6.30.02(T). 
    - S3, sound driver, WMI process updated. 
    - PAN issue is fixed.
    Supported Hardware:
    - Bluetooth controller integrated in Toshiba Notebooks as follows:
        * Right-click the blue "Bluetooth" icon of the system tray 
          nearby the clock
        * Select "Device Properties..." -> "General" or
          select "Options..."->"General"->"Details..."
          It depends on the used Bluetooth stack version.
        * Check which "LMP SubVersion:" is displayed and compare it 
          with the following list:
      	0514 (1300) = "internal Bluetooth SiW v1.1"          ###) 
    	0175 (0373) = "internal Bluetooth CSR (14.7) v1.1"
    	020D (0525) = "internal Bluetooth CSR (16.4) v1.1"
    	0490 (1168) = "internal Bluetooth CSR (18.1) v1.2"
    	077B (1915) = "internal Bluetooth CSR (19.2) v2.0 + EDR"
    	216E (8558) = "internal Bluetooth Brodcom v2.1 + EDR"
    	13EE (5102) = "internal Bluetooth CSR v2.1 + EDR"
            ###) HID devices {mice, keyboards other input devices} 
                 and mono headsets are not supported by this 
                 Bluetooth hardware
    - External TOSHIBA USB BT v1.2 Adapter (PA3405U)
    - External TOSHIBA USB BT v2.0+EDR Adapter (PA3455U-1BTM)
    - Toshiba SD Bluetooth Card 2 (PA3271U)
      (older notebooks may need an SD-Hostcontroller driver update 
      first, before the card is recognized by the operating system)
    - Toshiba SD Bluetooth Card 3 (PA3370U)
      (very old notebooks may need a SD-Hostcontroller driver update 
      first, before the card is recognized by the operating system)
    Supported Operating Systems:
    - Windows 2000 
         AV and HSP profile needs Service_Pack_3 or later 
         and hotfix Q818801 of Microsoft;en-us;818801
    - Windows XP  Home/Professional/Tablet PC Edition/Media Center Edition
         AV and HSP profile needs Service_Pack_2 and later 
         or hotfix Q816650 of Microsoft;en-us;816650
         Swedish Windows WinXP SP1:;EN-US;831717
         WinXP SP2 does NOT need this hotfix.  
         This hotfix is needed for DUN, FAX and LAP.
    - Windows Vista 
    - Windows 7
    Supported Bluetooth Profiles:
    A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
    AVRCP: AV Remote Control Profile
    BIP:  Basic Imaging Profile
    DUN:  Dial-Up Networking Profile
    FAX:  FAX Profile
    FTP:  File Transfer Profile
    HCRP: Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile
    HID:  Human Interface Device Profile
    HSP:  Headset Profile
    HFP:  Handsfree Profile
    LAP:  LAN Access Profile
    OPP:  Object Push Profile
    PAN:  Personal Area Networking Profile
    SPP:  Serial Port Profile
    Additional features:
    - Multi connection capable HFP (Handsfree Profile) device support
    - IT-Admin functions (allows the Administrator to limit Bluetooth 
      functions for Standard Users) 
    - Bluetooth speaker auto-reconnect function. It is especially 
      useful for Bluetooth speakers (can be enabled in "Bluetooth Settings
      -> speaker icon ->Detail...->Automatic connection..")
    - Scatternet support
    - VoIP utility, which works together with Skype
    - Bluetooth specification v1.1 support
    - Bluetooth specification v1.2 support
    - Bluetooth specification v2.0 + EDR support
    - Bluetooth specification v2.1 + EDR support
    - Microsoft SDIO controller driver is supported
    - "Remote Camera" tool for Bluetooth Cameras with "RemCam"-profile
      support, which is a (not mandatory) sub-profile of the BIP-profile. 
    - Enhanced HCRP profile to support all Canon printer tools.
    - Silent installation feature 
    - Restricted user support
    - Setup and installation scripting features
    - HID auto-connect function for Bluetooth bar code scanner 
      "Symbol LS3578"
    - Share Mode 
      Each user can share registered data and settings.
      Private Linkkey feature is available. This function supports 
      security between each users.
    - IT Admin feature with Share Mode option.
    - Startup option of Bluetooth Manager is controlled by parameter 
      setting in "TosBtUtl.ini" file.
    - Enhanced printer management utilities 
      Toshiba bluetooth printer tools:
      Tbpcheck: Tool to get printer configurations 
      Tbpsetuup: Tool for Bluetooth printer pre-installation 
      Tbpconfig: Restricted user can setup bluetooth printers.
    - AV Remote Control feature is enhanced.
      Windows Media Player, iTunes, others
    - Microsoft "OEM Ready Program" compliant.
    - Hardware detection install mode is supported.
      Main Set File Name: setup.exe 
      Installation Parameters: /s /v/qn /DETECT:"ACPI\TOS6205"  
    - Bluetooth stack startup options (do not start, start disabled)
    - Bluetooth PAN auto-reconnect
    Installation instructions:
    [Normal Installation]
    Extract the zip-file and execute the exe-file.
    [Silent Installation]
    Extract the zip-file and execute the exe-file.
    Close Installation Wizard.
    Open the extracted folder Bluetooth stack folder
    Execute the "silent_install.bat" file
    OUTLOOK(2003) should be executed by using "Run as Admin" mode to 
    install Bluetooth stack add-in.
    [Remove the Bluetooth-stack]
     By command line:
     - Remove Bluetooth stack only, but keep Bluetooth devices settings:
        msiexec.exe /x"{CEBB6BFB-D708-4F99-A633-BC2600E01EF6}" /qn
     - Remove Bluetooth stack and Bluetooth devices settings:
        msiexec.exe /x"{CEBB6BFB-D708-4F99-A633-BC2600E01EF6}" /qn 
      Start Bluetooth Bluetooth-stack installer or 
      Use "Start -> Control Panel-> Add or Remove Programs -> 
      Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba"
    - If the automatic FAX receiving is enabled on Microsoft FAX manager 
      and DUN, FAX, or LAP   profile icon is registered on 
      "Bluetooth Settings", then it may take a couple of minutes to turn 
      on Bluetooth on resume from standy.
    - The cursor moves slow when using Microsoft Bluetooth mouse via 
      SD Bluetooth Card 2.
    - No repeated Headset connect on SD Bluetooth Card 2.
      (you have to reboot or eject and plugin the SD Card 
      to get the Headset correctly connected again)
    - Scatternet(*), Headset-profile and HID-profile will NOT be 
      supported by the following old hardware (check it in the Windows
      "Device Manager" under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers"):
      - Bluetooth USB Controller from TOSHIBA
      - Bluetooth USB Controller-2 from TOSHIBA
      * A group of piconets in which connections consists between 
        different piconets is called a scatternet.  For instance, 
        a Bluetooth controller is connected to LAN access point
        as "slave", while connected to a mouse as "master".  
        If it supports scatternet, then these two piconets can work.
    All Bluetooth stack versions are released without warranty of any kind. 
    Installing the newest Bluetooth stack on older hardware is your 
    own risk. TOSHIBA does not warrant that the product will work 
    uninterrupted or error free. TOSHIBA can not be held liable for 
    any damages, including consequential damages, loss of data or any 
    operating instability arising out of installing the newest 
    Bluetooth stack.
    Created by:  Toshiba Europe GmbH, TSS-IO, Technical Support, AS, 7/2009
    Para download basta acessar:
    site oficial:


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    Re: PC Bluetooth Stack Programa Free para Sincronismo Bluetooth da Toshiba

    caramba! nao sabia que rolava nenhum software gratis.
    sempre procurei pela net e achava os softwares pagos.
    to baixando agora msm

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    Re: PC Bluetooth Stack Programa Free para Sincronismo Bluetooth da Toshiba

    então amigo até agora to procurando mais infos do mesmo para ver se ele é totalmente Free pois o BlueSoleil, depois de 2 minutos de musica ele para de funcionar ja com este software to usando o S9 até agora não parou de funcionar!!!!


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